What to Do When You Just Can’t Remember that Funny Thing Your Kid Did?

Children say the silliest and the funniest things and often blurt out the most hilariously innocent truths. Often, at family gathering we get to hear old tales from our elders about the silly, funny thing we did and said as kids. A fun family weekend is also a place where your kids will say and do things that will become funny anecdotes you will share around tables at future family gatherings.

As parents, it is difficult to remember all the funny things kids say and the funny things kids do all the time. Relying simply on your memory (with all the chores, routines and of course, managing kids) is like trying to fish out a needle in a haystack!
A lot of us rely on technology these days. And while it can help you remember most of the funny things, eventually it will build a treasure trove for you to look back upon as fond memories of your precious little ones!

The fastest and the handiest gadget you can use is your Smartphone. Taking pictures, shooting videos, using the social network websites like Facebook and Twitter to maintain records of your lil’ one’s funny moments.

You can even start a blog to document all those cute lines, upload funny videos and share them with everyone in your family and the rest of the world. You can get creative with all this data that you accumulate and start posting all the funny stories of kids on www.yesmykiddidthat.com

Our site is a great place where you can share the fun-filled stories about your children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews and cousins, whether they are funny stories or serious ones. Using the site is simple. You simply need to click the “submit story” tab on the homepage and brighten up someone’s day, or make your friends, family and the rest of the world laugh when they read them. Don’t forget to add “yes my kid did that” at the end!

Whatever your story, whether they are funny, sweet, cute, hilarious, or serious, simply add in anything that can be appropriate for all ages to read and enjoy. We love children and this forum is a fantastic opportunity to share every funny thing that kids do.

Yes my kid did that

Cab Driver

How funny it is when I play with my son at home and he rides on his big car as if he is a taxicab driver. When he passes by, he would then tell me “Do you want to have a ride?”…and then I say “Yes, but I don’t have money…” His answer would always be, “That’s fine…here’s your money…but you may need to buy some more candy, or let me stay up later. where do you want to go?”…I can’t help but laugh saying what a very nice taxicab driver you are!  Even if it does come with some things I should probably do.

Yes my kid did that

Bathe the duck

Every day when my son takes a bath, he would demand to bring his new toy duck with him. So I asked him one day…”Why do you need to bring it in…? He answered right away…”because his mom never bathes him ever…”  giving me the eye, like I could do a better a job.  Ha ha.  I guess me actually bathing my son doesn’t go to far.   Yes my kid said that!

Yes my kid did that

She said what at Thanksgiving

Okay, before I begin, let’s face it, as good as sweet potatoes are, sometimes they can look kind of weird.  For Thanksgiving, we had our entire extended family over, and with that came a lot of different dishes.  My aunt usually does a good job of cooking but she has been known to try some different stuff.  This year she gave sweet potatoes a try.  While getting my daughter some food, I went to get some sweet potatoes for her and when I heard he say, “eh, dad it looks like throwup.”  It was at that moment that I looked up and of course my aunt was standing right there.  Not much you can say, and luckily my aunt tried to shrug it off.  Life with my daughter just never gets old.  Yes, my kid did that.

Yes my kid did that


My son’s first toothache happened inside the airplane! We were going to our hometown last weekend, and my son suddenly felt his tooth ache.  When the flight attendant came by, my son told her about his tooth, and in return got an extra drink and some free food.  We were all hoping that might take the pain away a little.  Once she left, my son started to chuckle, and I promise this is what he said, “I am actually surprised that worked.”  I was alarmed and shocked that my son is turning into a con artist.  Apparently he saw it on some show.  I explained it was wrong, but couldn’t help but laugh.  Yes, my kid did that.

Yes my kid did that


Every weekend, especially Sunday, we make it to a point to bring our son outside…this can be a park, mall, church, beach. We wanted him to explore and learn new things, ask questions, play and mingle with other kids and people.  Computer gadgets are so big now days we wanted him first to experience life through playing not through a computer. I think it really works because when my friends’ son invited him to watch the television; he refused and said, “Why would I watch T.V when I can play outside and make up my on T.V. show.”  I couldn’t help but laugh, and cry a little when I heard him say that…Yes my kid said that.

Yes my kid did that

Zombie Baby

My son is already 3 years old and he would still hold his pacifier as if it was me …I think I’m having a problem because he’s turning 4 and in my opinion it is just pass the cute stage.  What is a mom supposed to do?  I tried several ideas to try and get him to stop asking for his pacifier.  I would cuddle with him, offer him some toys, food or anything that would divert his attention but to no success. One time, and I got to admit, it might be a little weird, but I got an idea to show him a picture of a zombie baby with a pacifier on…and, sure enough, it worked!  Not my proudest moment as a mom, but my son never asked for his pacifier anymore…I guess, he does not want to be like the “zombie baby”…yes my kid did that!

Yes my kid did that
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